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The Project takes wing!

Friday, January 26th, 2007

I bought a 1997 Ford Aspire for $1500 from a young Thai woman who is moving back to Thailand. 106K miles, good condition, great stereo. Very “lean”–no power windows, 2 doors, only 1 ton curb weight. The current plan (bad pun intended) is to install a DC electric propulsion system, using 10 Optima D34 batteries for power. Based on comparison to other conversions in Michael Brown’s excellent how-to book Convert It!, I’m estimating a top speed of 75mph and a range of 90 miles.

There are few minor dents, and the back bumper has been torn on one corner. Ike at Pro Am Body in Burbank quoted me $800 to fix them up. Why spend that kind of money on a ten-year-old subcompact? Because the goal is not to have a “beater full of batteries”, but a slick little street machine…a car about which people will think, “hey, I could drive something like that”.

Can I get businesses from the community to sign up as sponsors, in exchange for publicity on the website and promotional info painted on the car? Still to be seen….