Free gas

I’m estimating a full charge costs $2.50 for 45 miles of driving, which works out to about $1.80/gallon. But it gets better.

In planning for my second trip to Northridge, I found a website called A tremendous resource, it has a database of all the EV charging stations set up under the California Air Resources Board’s Zero Emission mandate. It’s conveniently designed using Google Maps so that not only can you get reports from others about the station, but also print an aerial photo. Though they have been idle for ten years for want of EVs to plug into them, it turns out most of the 30 or so stations in the San Fernando Valley still work. I checked to see if there was one near CSUN where I could charge while I’m riding with my bike club on Saturdays, and sure enough there’s one on campus with 110V AC.

So early Saturday morning I drove down with bike in back , plugged in, and took my bike on a 5-hour ride.


When I got back I had a full charge courtesy of the city of L.A.

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